Your Seamans Visa application

Visa’s for South African crew

So…. Turns out things are going back to the old mission with the green mamba… Never fear SA Yachties is here to make things as easy for you and your captain as possible!!

What we offer:

SA Yachties has joined forces with Global Yachties in Antibes to make this green mamba look a little less scary… We can assist you in gathering and making sure all of your documentation is correct BEFORE you leave your boat so that when you do there is the fastest possible turnaround time… We will aim at 4-7 days.

Can you imagine the pressure when you arrive in RSA and you get turned away at the visa application because you don’t have the right stuff?? And then you have to call your captain and explain that the letters he signed now need to be re-signed… again…. Eish…

Why hassle with all the lines and waiting – drop your passport and documents with us and off you go – go have a sleep… or a beer… or a trip to the beach! We’ll take care of it for you!

What else can we assist with:

Flight bookings (making sure you get the best timing, for the best price) – we want to maximize your application days. This flight will also be flexible in case you get your visa back faster than we planned (YAY), or maybe there is some sort of delay (Boo)… You don’t want to lose a flight over it!

Captain thinks you are making excuses to have a holiday? Why not let us book you into a 2 or 3 day course to help you be even more amazing on return to the boat? J

Taxi to get from the airport to our office…. Well look – if you haven’t heard of ‘Uber’ then its probably best we send one of those special drivers to your gate with a big sign…. Juuuust in case… 😉

Want to sneak in without seeing any family? Don’t worry we have all been there! Haha! We can help you book accommodation in your budget!

Now I guess you are wondering what all of this is going to cost you….

Same as a night out in Antibes! 😉

We charge €200 for one of our very experienced visa agents to hold your hand through this whole visa debacle… (explained in the ‘what we cover’ section above)…

The actual visa fee is €145 (+ – R1900) (which is a separate fee and you can pay once processed on the day or after we get the credit card receipt from them to give to you)

For all other offers above – please drop us an email and we will be more than happy to give you some more info and a Quote!

Can’t wait to get started?

Send an email to and let me know where your boat is currently (where you are if you aren’t on your boat), and a copy of your last Schengen visa and current passport.

We look forward to helping you, the same way we have for 3 years… with a few minor inconveniences! 🙂

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