Offshore Banking

You’ve got all this money from working on a yacht…. Now what are you going to do? Open an offshore bank account of course!

Noooo…. not so you can hide money from the tax man (naughty!) – those days are over. All banks have to share your accounts to your home country if they request those details… 😉

You want an offshore bank account so you can get paid into an account that offers you varied currency and cheaper rates to change between currencies and less deposit fees…

Standard bank offshore offers seamen the following:

Standard Bank offer a bespoke current account designed specifically for yacht crew.

Seafarer account

  • Available in Sterling, US dollar, Euro, and Australian dollar
  • Minimum balance £2,500, US$3,500, €2,500 or AU$3,500, applicable on your main currency account only
  • No maintenance fee whilst the minimum balance is maintained
  • No minimum wealth requirement
  • Instant access to funds held in the account
  • Free electronic payments (corresponding bank charges may apply)
  • Visa debit card available in GBP, USD, EUR and AUD
  • 24/7 internet and mobile banking

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