VISA Application

    General Information



    Do you have a seamans book?

    Your full home address incl. area code


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    What is the latest date you need to be back?

    What date did you arrive in the Schengen area?

    Passport Information



    Passport number (of the passport you will use)

    SA ID number

    Expiry date of your RSA passport

    Do you have at least 2 blank pages opposite each other marked VISA?

    Expiry date of current Schengen visa


    Application details



    Do you need assistance booking a flight?

    Which office would you like to deliver your passport to on arrival (Cape Town or JHB)?

    Do you need accommodation?

    Would you like to do a 2 day service course?


    Legal Stuff



    Do you AND YOUR CAPTAIN understand you will be in South Africa for a minimum of 4-5 days? And that if there are delays it is out of our control?
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    Do you understand that information provided by SA Yachties is confidential and you may not share any of the information or documents given to you to ANY third party or on any social media network?
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    Do you understand that we cannot guarantee the type of visa or the duration you will receive?
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    I agree to the T’s & C’s and refund policy on the website
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